Powder Coating

New Age Powder Coating offers the worlds largest color selection of custom powder coatings. With over 6500 color choices, we are sure you will find the color you are looking for on your next project.

Endless Selection

Most colors are available with finishes ranging from gloss to dull matte, including the trendy shiny high gloss finish. Powders are also available in several different textures, which gives you an almost unlimited variety of options! Don’t worry, we’re here to help, and since powders are formulated to meet different sets of functional requirements, you will want to examine the end use of your product to ensure proper powder selection.
Need something powder coated?

We Powder Coat big stuff and small stuff too. Our facility has space capabilities to blast and paint items up to 40 feet long and powder coat products up to 10 feet high and 23 feet long.

Need inspiration?  Great things to Powder Coat include:

Wheels-Vehicle Frames-ATV/Motorcycle Frames- Truck Suspension Lift Kits- Railings- Patio Furniture -Radiators - anything METAL!!

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